Black and Gold Tic Tac Toe Board
Black and Gold XO board
Luxury Tic Tac Toe Board
White Tic Tac Toe Board
Luxury XO Board

Black and Gold Tic Tac Toe Board

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An extremely classy and stylish Tic Tac Toe board (Noughts and Crosses) that will good on any coffee or side table, and it won’t just look good but you can play too! Our tic tac toe board, also known as an XO Board, comes in a variety of colors.

The black and white XO board is super stylish, and the wooden board is more casual but beautiful effect.  These tic tac toe boards are beautiful decor pieces, add a bit of class and elegance to any room, and we feel all homes should have one!

Product dimension is: width: 13.3’’, length: 13.3", height: 1.6"